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S MacRory & Co. have a team of tax experts at hand to tackle taxation matters for both businesses and individuals. Our goal is to help you:

  • Fully comply with all your regulatory and legislative responsibilities
  • Organise your tax affairs in a tax-efficient manner
  • Develop sound strategies to maximise your wealth and best serve your financial goals
  • Streamline your tax to make the process simple and stress free.

We provide the following Tax Services:

Personal Taxation
Tax deadlines are imposed by strict tax legislation and in order to avoid unnecessary fines and interest charges, it is essential to have your personal tax in order.

Our team of dedicated staff are highly experienced in the field of personal taxation and we can help you to meet all of your tax obligations whether you are a private client, a sole trader, a partnership or a Company Director. Working with us will take the pressure off your tax deadlines and restore your peace of mind in the knowledge that your tax is in capable hands.

S MacRory & Co. can assist you with;

  • Preparation of personal and partnership income tax returns
  • Tax efficient remuneration planning
  • Planning advice on tax schemes
  • Inheritance/ Gift tax advice
  • Stamp Duty and Stamp Duty Land tax.
  • Advising sole traders and partnerships on their business structures and planning incorporation if it is tax advantageous.

Corporate Tax
Corporate Tax legislation is complex and highly detailed. Our firm has a wealth of experience in taxation and operates an effective and efficient process to deal with the many aspects of Corporate Tax. We can assist you in:

Corporation Tax compliance, including the preparation of Corporate Tax self-assessment returns, calculation of liabilities, corresponding with Revenue and agreeing computations, and preparation of claims and elections where appropriate, to minimise tax liabilities. We also advise on VAT compliance and offer all VAT related services.

Are you interested in speaking with one of our licensed taxation professionals about your tax needs? Organise a free initial consultation today. Call us on 074 9122188.

Value Added Tax regulation is subject to constant changes and it is challenging for businesses to keep on top of these developments. It is not surprising that many businesses inadvertently overpay or underpay their VAT.

The ever widening scope of VAT and a high stream of detailed changes to regulations, call for a trained professional eye to ensure that you meet all required tax regulations.

S MacRory & Co can provide you with a cost effective VAT service, which includes:

  • Preparation of VAT Returns
  • Assistance with VAT registration
  • Advice on VAT planning and administration
  • Use of the most appropriate scheme
  • VAT control and reconciliation
  • Personalised day to day tax advice on your finances

Revenue Audits
S Mac Rory & Co. is registered to conduct audits by the Chartered Accountants of Ireland. Our firm has firsthand, in-depth knowledge of helping clients to deal with Revenue auditors. As part of the operation of self-assessment, the Revenue Commissioners have significantly increased the number of Revenue audits they conduct. These audits are now becoming more widespread for income tax, corporation tax, VAT and RCT.

In addition, the Revenue Commissioners now have more power to examine and scrutinise your accounts and as such, the audit process has become a far more arduous undertaking. Non-compliance will result in harsh penalties and the tax code has also increased substantially.

At S Mac Rory & Co., our services include pre-audit health checks to put you at ease, liasing with the Revenue Commissioners during audits and negotiating settlements, where necessary.

Tax-Planning & Investments
Your investments are important to us here at S MacRory & Co. Tax-based investments can be fantastic revenue opportunities and our knowledgeable staff are here to advise and support you on your best options.

In recent times, there has been proliferation in tax-based property investment. These have been in response to the need to regenerate certain part of both urban and rural Ireland. Other tax-based opportunities include nursing homes, hospitals and student accommodation schemes.

S Mac Rory & Co. has a stellar track record in advising both developers of such schemes and investors on suitable structures to maximise tax efficiency and suit their individual needs.

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