S MacRory & Co - Market House,
Market Square, Letterkenny,
Co. Donegal, Ireland.

Reliable Financial Advice & Support

Business Planning and Consultancy

  • Preparation of Business Plans
  • Preparation of Cash Flow Projections
  • Grant Applications
  • Business Advice & Support

Your business plan is the foundation of your company. Your financial model is the bricks and mortar. No one understands this more than us here at S Mac Rory & Co. We deal with clients from various industry sectors and have developed an acute awareness of practical business planning and sound financial structures.

From start-ups and family businesses to large SME’s, we can tailor a concise, effective business plan for your company. Our advisors can help you to raise capital, expand your business and create additional shareholder value.

Our knowledgeable staff work together with you to analyse and identify each component of your business and develop a strategic direction. The next step is to document these findings in a cohesive manner and ultimately, create a set of clear financial projections for potential investors and/or financial institutions.

Successful businesses are at the heart of S MacRory & Co's business ethos.

We continuously assess the strategic development and financial assumptions of your business, to ensure that your business plan is grounded in reality while also achieving its optimum growth potential.

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