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SageOne Accounts


What is Sage One Accounts?                                                       

Sage One Accounts is an online accounting software designed for small business owners.

Its simple user friendly non – financial jargon software is targeted at sole trades with no accounting background and have no time for software training.

The Sage One Cashbook offers its users great easy to use features like:

  • See how the business if performing.
  • Manage VAT returns
  • Store customer/suppliers contact all in one place
  • Generate and email invoice, which means invoice are paid faster
  • 24/7 help desk
  • Online access anytime
  • Collaborate with your accountant in real time
  • Password secure and data encryption
  • Online backup

How will Sage One help your business?

By introducing your business to Sage One Cashbook you’re opening the door to a completely different way of bookkeeping. The online cashbook is accounting at its simple form.

All that is it requires from you is knowing the follow information:

  • Is it income
  • Where was it paid in to (bank account or was it a cash payment)
  • What date
  • Is it a payment on a customer invoice
  • The amount
  • Is the amount exclusive of vat
  • If it is not income
  • Then it is an expense
  • And the same information as above is required

Once you login on to Sage One Cashbook you see a dashboard of how the business is performing it will highlight your cash flow show you your top 10 customer that are overdue and top 10 supplies which need payments. It will also show the business VAT amount due.

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